Steam Trap Surveys.

Our Steam trap surveys are tailor maid to suit our clients’ needs. Prior to site visit we require a full inventory of their steam trap system, including makes, models and operating pressures. We can then carry out a full survey utilizing our modern test equipment which stores all test results of all the traps surveyed, this analysis the results and produces summary sheets detailing condition of each trap with potential energy wastage.

Piping King Velan Steam Trap:

The Velan Forged Piping King automatic condensate drain units a unique method in steam trap piping and provides substantial savings in component parts and installation costs. Complete with Integral strainer and check valve, the Piping King has two high-quality Bonnetless forged steel special check Globe valves. Prices on Application.

GX Control valve.


A comprehensive range of Process  valves for all industrial  applications, Control, Globe, Butterfly, Gate and Check.

Prices on application.